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Patterson Walter

Walter Patterson The Communist Party’s full time National Student Organiser in the late 1950s and early 1960s. During this period, he apparently left a briefcase with index cards in it, presumably of student members, which […]

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Greaves Walter

 Walter Greaves   Walter William Greaves was born in 1907 in what was then a village near Bradford. At the age of 14 his arm got so damaged in an accident that he had to have […]

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Jones Walter (Cllr)

Walter Jones (Cllr) Walter Jones won a seat as a councillor as a Communist Party candidate in Risca, a small town that is today part of the Newport conurbation, lying at the south-eastern edge of […]

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Holmes Walter

Walter Holmes Born in 1892, his father was a long-standing and loyal member of the ASE. The young Walter was imprisoned for conscientious objection, from 1916-19. Holmes had been directly involved in working with Sylvia Pankhurst […]

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Davis Walter

Walter Davis A member of the Young Communist League’s National Committee, or executive, in the 1940s and early 1950s, Walter Davies was the holder of the Distinguished Service Cross. It may be that he was […]

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Windsor Walter

Walter Windsor Windsor was a Communist-Labour activist in North East Bethnal Green in the early 1920s at a time when the borough was governed by a Labour-Communist alliance. Walter Windsor was born in Hunlett St in […]