Bell Tom

Tom Bell Thomas Bell was born in Parkhead, Glasgow in 1882, the son of a stone mason and a cotton spinner. He left school at 12 years of age and his first job was as […]


Abley Tom

Tom Abley Tom Abley was an engineering worker and union convenor of shop stewards at the Sunbeam Talbot factory at Acton, West London. A key union organiser at the factory, he led the opposition to […]

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Stevenson Tom

Tom Stevenson   Stevenson was an engineering worker and shop steward for the AEU.   An active Communist Party member in Newcastle, he stood as a Communist candidate in a Newcastle City Council by election […]

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Mitchell Tom

Tom Mitchell   Mitchell joined the Communist Party in Letchworth in 1936 and attended regular district gatherings in Cambridge city.    As a 21-year-old foundry worker who had left school at 14 and never went […]

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Kaiser Tom

Tom Kaiser Kaiser was born on May 2nd 1924, was brought up and educated in Melbourne, Australia. He graduated in 1943 with a first in physics and radio-physics. In 1949, he handed out leaflets opposing […]

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Howe Tom

  Tom Howe Howe was an engineer and AEU member who was Communist Party candidate in 1952 for Mountsorrel, a village of just a few thousand inhabitants south of Loughborough. The Party’s presence was nurtured […]


Ahern Tom

Tom Ahern Born in Ireland, Tom Ahern joined the Communist Party in the late 1930s and served in the armed forces in the Second World War. He was a member of the London District Committee […]

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Potter Tom

Tom Potter Tom Potter was one of the pupils of the famous Burston school strike founded in 1914, which was sparked off by the sacking of popular Socialist teachers, Kitty and Tom Higdon; most working […]

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McKay Tom

  Tom McKay Tom McKay was a railway clerk in Inverness, Scotland, who joined the local Communist Party in the mid 1930s. He became active in the National Unemployed Workers Movement (NUWM) in 1938. An […]

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Driver Tom

Tom Driver Born on September 9th 1912, Tom Driver came from a poor family in Barnsley and was brought up in the South Yorkshire coalfield.  What he called "gritty resilience", learned in his youth, "stood him […]