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Syers Sam

Sam Syers   Born Colin Paul Syers in Edgware, London, he was the youngest of three sons of John, a tool and clockmaker, and Rose. He acquired the nickname Sam at Kingsbury grammar.   From […]

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Elsbury Sam

Sam Elsbury   Elsbury is noted in Communist history as being the London organiser of the National Union of Textile and Garment Workers (NUTGW) who led a break-away “red” union for a short while.   […]

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Lilley Sam

Sam Lilley    Samuel (always known as Sam outside of academic circles) Lilley was born in Belfast on 25th June 1914. His father, William Edwin Campbell Lilley, who married Lizzie Shaw in September 1913, worked […]

Encyclopedia of Communist Biographies

Aaronovitch Sam

Sam Aaronovitch   Aaronovitch was the second son of Lithuanian Jewish parents who fled to London in the early part of the 20th century. Born on December 26th 1919, in Stepney’s Cable Street, he left […]

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Knight Sam

  Sam Knight Sam Knight was a founding member of the Communist Party in Wales. He had served in the First World War. A four-page article in the South Wales Evening Post of December 1st 1982, […]


Wild Sam

Sam Wild Sam Wild was born in Ardwick, Manchester, to an Irish immigrant family, in 1908. He grew up attending rallies at Manchester’s Stephenson Square listening to speakers calling for the home rule of Ireland. […]

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Paddock Sam

  Sam Paddock Sam Paddock was a Rhondda miner and a Communist. He took part in the Rhondda unemployed march to the TUC, when it was held in Bristol in 1931. Sam's wife Nellie recalled the 1945 General […]

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Lomas Sam

Sam Lomas Lomas was born in February 1930 and educated at a local elementary school in Stoke-on-Trent. He became a bricklayer and was a member of the Executive Committee of the Young Communist League in […]

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Henderson Sam

Sam Henderson                                                                                                                      A Glasgow tram driver, during 40 years membership of the Transport and General Workers Union, Sam Henderson held every office in his union available to him short of General Secretary and GEC […]

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Russell Sam

Sam Russell  Russell was born Manassa Lesser in 1915 to working-class Polish émigré parents who lived in London’s east end. Joining the Communist Party in his youth, he said in retrospect, was quite natural since […]