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Zinkin Peter

      Peter Zinkin Born on 17th July 1904 in Fulham, his father was a skilled watchmaker, who later set up on his own in a small market stall. After leaving school, Zinkin learned […]


Avis Peter

Peter Avis Avis began working for the Observer in the 1960s and was with it on an off until 2003. In the 1970s he was a reporter for the Morning Star, becoming its diplomatic correspondent. […]


Coe “Peter”

`Peter’ Coe was born Percy Newbold Coe in Kingston, Surrey, in 1919, the eldest child of Violet (née Newbold) and Percy Coe Sr. Percy Coe had a younger brother, Peter, who died in infancy in […]

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Pink Peter

Peter Pink Peter Pink was born in 1929 at Stockwell, South London. His father was a policeman, leading to Peter being born in the police wing of Putney hospital. His father was posted to Southall […]

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Worsley Peter

Peter Worsley Peter Maurice Worsley was born on the 6th May 1924 into a middle-class Catholic family in Birkenhead. His father, who had been an infantry officer in the first world war, was an auctioneer […]

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Wyncoll Peter

Peter Wyncoll Peter Harold Wyncoll (left speaking) was born on 24 May 1939 in Basford, Nottinghamshire. In his early teens he was precociously a member of the Young Socialists but soon joined the Communist Party, which […]

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Robson Peter

Peter Robson   Robson worked at the Lots Road Power station in Fulham and was a member of the ETU electricians union’s West Supply branch and a delegate from it to Fulham TUC.   A […]

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Nicholas Peter

Peter Nicholas Born in Worcester in 1914, he began work at the age of fourteen at the Star Motor Company and gained skills as a universal grinder. In 1943, he became a member of the […]

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Wright Peter

 Peter Wright Peter Wright served in Yugoslavia during the Second World War with the partisans and spoke Serbo-Croat.   In the post war period, he was part of the very significant group of Communist intellectuals […]


Duffy Peter

Peter Duffy  Obituary from the Morning Star:   “Peter Duffy, who has died in France aged 64, was, for the last several years of his life, the Paris correspondent of the Morning Star. He was […]