Dignam Mark

Mark Dignam Dignam was born on the 20th March 1909, the son of salesman in the steel industry in Sheffield. He was educated at the Jesuit College where he appeared in numerous Shakespearean plays. Although […]


Ashton Mark

Mark Ashton   Ashton, being born in 1961, was active within the Young Communist League at a time when it was falling into fragments – after having followed a thoroughly revisionist and liquidationist course for […]

No Picture

Starr Mark

Mark Starr   Starr was born on 27th April 1894, one of five children, in Shoscombe, Wellow, North East Somerset to William, a Free Methodist coal miner variously described in the census later as a hitcher and earlier […]


Cymbalist Mark & Norris

Norris Cymbalist (featured picture) was born in Inverness in Scotland, the son of Communist, Mark Cymbalist, who was a Jewish tailor in Inverness, Scotland (pictured below). His tailor’s shop was at 38 Waterloo Place, Inverness, […]