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Fairley John

John Fairley   Born in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow, John was an outstanding pupil at the nearby Lenzie primary and Lenzie academy. He studied politics at Edinburgh University, where he joined the Communist Party, graduating from […]

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Williams John (JS)

    John (Jack) Samuel Williams   Known throughout his life as 'J.S' or 'Jack Williams the Communist', he was born in Bethseda, Caernarvonshire in 1900. He and his father moved down to the South […]

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Lawrence John

John Lawrence   Lawrence was twice an active figure in the Communist Party, the second time most notably, reflecting a political trajectory before and after each of his two bursts of membership that encompassed many […]

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Maher John

John Maher   John Maher was born in Cappamore, County Limerick, but came to London as a young man and settled in Kilburn. He married May, his wife of 46 years who was ten years […]


Donnelly John

John Donnelly John Joseph Donnelly was one of the most prominent early Communists in Motherwell, Scotland, having joined the Party in April 1921. He was the proposer, agent and key adviser to J T Walton […]

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Tarver John

  John Tarver Pic: Tarver in about 1975-6 Born in 1930 into a middle-class family, Tarver joined the Communist Party on his 18th birthday in 1948. He had felt that the Soviet Union had made the […]

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Evans John

John Evans Evans was a member of the Communist Party in Battersea and chair of the highly vigorous Battersea Tenants’ Association. This even made a film in 1961, entitled “H only for House”, a reference […]

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Rowan John

John Rowan John Rowan was Communist from his youth in the early 1950s and was Birmingham divisional organiser of AUEW-TASS in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He died suddenly on holiday in Ireland aged […]

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Jack John

John Jack John Jack moved to Tumble from Llanfyrnach to work in the pits, beginning as a labourer.   He was already much influenced politically by involvement in trade unionism when he was conscripted in World […]

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Jackson John

John Jackson Jackson was a Glasgow bookfolder and Branch Secretary for the 141 member strong Proven Communist Party in the early 1960s. He lived on the largest council housing estate in Proven, which contained 29,000 […]