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Kay John D

John D. Kay     Born in 1927, John Kay worked for most of his professional life as an architect at the Department of Education, where to quote from an article he wrote entitled Old […]

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John Evan

Evan John   By Darien Jay:  Great Grandson My great-grandfather, Evan David John was born on 15th June 1909, the son of Phillip and Eleanor John (née Davies), in Pontardawe, where he lived his whole […]

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Bowden John

John Bowden John Bowden was born on May 4th 1929 at Woking Maternity Home in Surrey to Edith and Sydney Bowden. He had an elementary education but had a natural flair for literacy and was […]

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Freeman John

John Freeman   John Freeman was born in 1934 between the Shankill and Crumlin Roads. In the late 50s, he found work in Australia before returning home to Northern Ireland in the following decade. He […]

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Smith John Maynard

  John Maynard Smith Smith was born in 1920 to a well-off family; on leaving school, joined the Communist Party when he began an engineering degree at Trinity College Cambridge. He was an aeronautical engineer […]

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Nield John

John Nield Councillor John Nield was a Communist member of the Liverpool County Borough Council who belonged to the Communist faction of the Labour Party and later simply the Communist Party. Nield was but one of […]

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Hostettler John

John Hostettler Born in 1925, John (A?) Hosteller joined the Communist Party in 1942 and was a member of the national committee member of the Young Communist League (YCL) in the late 1940s. Refering to […]

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Quinn John

John Quinn Then aged 44, Quinn was a leader of a section of the 1932 Hunger Marchers from Manchester, and as such was almost certainly a card-carrying Communist. He was sentenced at Brentford Police Court to two months' hard […]