Ashberry Gordon

Gordon Ashberry Ashberry was born on December 16th 1923 and became a skilled engineering worker and a member of the Communist Party in Sheffield.    He married in September 1956. Ashberry was candidate in the […]


Norris Gordon

Gordon Norris Growing up in Hartlepool, Norris was as familiar as the rest of his class and generation with poverty.  Having left school during the Second World War, he found work in steelworks locally. After […]

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Pettman Gordon

Gordon Pettman Pettman was an active Kent Communist Party member, who became a long-standing elected parish councillor. When Gordon Pettman was only nine years old, he saw a farm worker and his six children thrown […]

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Jenkins Gordon

Gordon Jenkins Councillor Gordon Jenkins was a Neath butcher who became an elected Communist councillor. He was a member of the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers and a delegate to Neath Trades Council. […]

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Wardman Gordon

Gordon Wardman   Born in 1947 in Newcastle, the son of a postman, Wardman read English at Oxford. He became a full-time worker for the Communist Party in West Yorkshire for five years.   He […]

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McLennan Gordon

Gordon McLennan   Gordon McLennan, a past General Secretary of the Communist Party, was born in Glasgow on 12th May 1924 and is still alive. Having joined the Young Communist League at the age of […]

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Massie Gordon

Gordon Massie Born 1916, Massie was a farm labourer in his youth. He served in the tank corps in North Africa, Italy and Germany during the Second World War. An outstanding leader of steel workers […]