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Pocock Gerry

  Gerry Pocock Born in 1930, Pocock joined the Party in 1954 and worked as a proof-reader, being father-of-the-chapel (shop steward). A leading figure in the YCL during the 1950s, he was editor of “Challenge”. […]


Cohen Gerry

Gerry Cohen As a YCL full-time worker, he was Midlands District Secretary and then, in 1953, the National Organiser. Cohen (pictured below in the early 1970s) then became Midlands Daily Worker correspondent, and then began work […]


Bradley Gerry

Gerry Bradley (né Gerald Cecil Barathy)  According to the Barathy family, Gerry was born on the 25th April, 1896 at 40 Alridge Villa, Paddington (or, technically, Bayswater in the parish of Fulham).  Bradley was to […]