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Poustie George

  George Poustie George Sangster Poustie was born on 24th June 1904 at 38 Crammond Street,Glasgow, the son of David Poustie and Elizabeth Jane McKenzie Sangster and the third of 6 siblings. (The family later lived at 11 Fleuchar […]

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Fullard George

George Fullard Born in 1923, Fullard came from a politically active mining family in Sheffield. His father was a Communist Party member, blacklisted after organising a pit deputies’ strike at the Nunnery Colliery, who also […]

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Halkett George

  George Halkett George Halkett was a Communist County Councillorin the Vale of Leven * during the 1930s and 1940s. Halkett Crescent in Alexandria’s Rosshead Estate was built in the early 1960s and is named after the […]

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Lumley George

George Lumley Lumley, a member of the Durham Miners Executive Committee, , as a delegate to the 1931 TUC congress: "His speech was almost alone as an expression of working class aims in the whole Congress."  The Daily […]

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Jelf George

George Jelf Born in December 1913, George Jelf was an engineering worker who lived and worked all his life in Birmingham. A vigorous and almost successful local election candidate, he was also the prospective Communist Can­didate for the […]

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George Ray

 Ray George Raymond George was born on the 28th November 1928 in Tettenhall Wood, near Wolverhampton. He came from the skilled working class; one grandfather, who had been employed as a master baker in Malvern, […]

Encyclopedia of Communist Biographies

Allison George

George Allison Born 1895, Allison was a founding member of the British Communist Party and was for a long time a member of the central committee, or executive, of the Party. Like many early Communists, […]

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Thompson George

George Thompson  Born in Dulwich, London in 1903, George Thompson graduated at Cambridge. Thomson went on to become professor of Greek at Galway University before moving back to England in 1934, when he returned to […]


Alsop George

George Alsop Alsop was the Secretary of the Chopwell Miners Lodge in the 1950s, having worked there since he was 15 years old in 1928. A member of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, […]

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Wake George

George Wake Born in around 1923, Wake joined the Communist Party in 1951 after having been expelled from the Labour Party. He was secretary of the Communist Party’s Barking branch and a member of South […]