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Hardy George

  A brief biography of George Hardy by Graham Stevenson additions and corrections welcomed:   Born in 1885, Hardy joined the Communist Party in 1921 and was a member of the central committee during the […]

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Garrett George

Garrett George Born in Seacombe on August 13th 1896, Garrett was, like many of the Merseyside-Irish, brought up a Catholic but unusually he was the son of a Catholic mother and Protestant father. His father, […]

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Evans George Ewart

George Ewart Evans Born on 1st April 1909 in Abercynon, a coal-mining village north of Cardiff, Evans was one of a family of eleven to Welsh-speaking parents, His father was William Evans and mother, Janet, […]

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Jerrom George

George Jerrom   An executive committee member of the National Graphical Association, Jerrom was associated with the Communist Party’s Print Advisory Committee for many years.   In the early 1980s, he was a national officer […]

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Freeland George

 George Freeland George Freeland was member of the Communist Party, who taught at Medway school, became headmaster of Alderman Richard Hallam school in Leicester.   He was active in the campaign for comprehensive education in […]


Barnsby George

George Barnsby George J Barnsby was born in Battersea, south London in 1919. His father, also George Barnsby, died of influenza in 1922, when his oldest son, the boy George was three years old – […]

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Thomas George Cllr

Councillor George Thomas A Treherbert trade union and political activist during the 1920s and 1930s.  He was active in the Clerks Union and found himself persecuted in the clerical workers strike of 1920. A consequentially long […]

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Padmore George

George Padmore    George Padmore was born Malcolm Ivan Meredith Nurse on June 28th 1903 in Arouca, Trinidad, then part of the British West Indies. His paternal great-grandfather was an Ashanti warrior who was taken […]


Aitken George

George Aitken George Sutherland Aitken, an engineering worker by trade, attended the Lenin School Moscow in 1927 and a member of the Central Committee from 1931.  With the onset of fascism, and an increasing danger […]

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George Alys

Alys George (Kulsoom Faiz)   Alys George was born on September 22nd 1914. She joined the British Communist Party at the age of 16. By the mid-1930s, she found herself working with Indian Communists and […]