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Thompson Frank

Frank Thompson Born in 1920, William "Frank" Thompson’s father was Edward Thompson Senior, a novelist, historian, and particular friend and supporter of an independent India. His younger brother, also Edward, was the well-known socialist historian, […]


Deegan Frank

Frank Deegan  Deegan was born in Bootle in 1910, one of eleven children, to an Irish father and a mother born in Bootle of Irish parents. He left school at 14 and sold papers dur­ing […]

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Ellis Frank

Frank Ellis The best Agent the Notts Miners Never Had! Frank Ellis, who died on 16th February 2007 was one of seven children, his father was a miner at Hucknall Bottom pit; both parents were […]

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Foster Frank

Frank Foster Frank Foster (pictured left in 1946) was born in South London in July 1914, into an active socialist family, and joined the Labour Party in his youth. He joined the Communist Party in […]

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Gullett Frank

Frank Gullett At 6ft. 3in in an era of depression and hunger, Frank Gullet had been a circus prize fighter when he became a Communist in 1933, even though he was in the Royal Navy.  […]

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Tivey Frank

Frank Tivey From at least the1940s, Frank Tivey was a very vociferous Communist Party member and a shop steward in the Electrical Trades Union in the Wolverhampton area.   Source: information from Geoff Marple of […]

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Haxell Frank

Frank Haxell  Frank Haxell was General Secretary of the 200,000 strong Electrical Trade Union in the 1950s.  He was born in 1912 and joined the ETU in 1929.     A Communist Party member from 1935, […]


Chinnery Frank

Frank Chinnery From 1939, Chinnery served in the Palestine Police Force but, in the post-war period he was a Communist Party full timer or on the staff of the Daily Worker. Chinnery spearheaded a Daily Worker circulation […]

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Paterson Frank

Frank Paterson Frances Armstrong Paterson joined the Communist Party in Glasgow in 1922 and, in 1930, became a partner of the Workers Press, the company that produced the Daily Worker. In this capacity, he was […]