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Edwards Eric W

 Eric W Edwards Born on 23 April 1944 in Croydon to Communist parents, Eric was a longstanding member of the British Communist Party in both Surrey and the South Midlands districts, until he was expelled […]


Cohen Eric

Eric Cohen  Eric Cohen was born in 1912 to Jewish parents who came to Liverpool from Russia at the beginning of the century.  After school he trained and became a chartered accountant but joined the […]

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Gower Eric

  A brief biography of Eric Gower by Graham Stevenson additions and corrections welcomed:   Eric Gower, who had been Secretary of Manchester City Labour Party, stood as Communist candidate for Parliament in a […]


Atkinson Eric

Eric Atkinson: Atkinson was born on March 26th 1928 in the small village of Uphall Station, West Lothian, Scotland. It was this harsh climate that shaped the young Eric’s worldview during the 30s and 40s, which […]

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Hunt Eric

  Eric Hunt An activist in the pre-war British Youth Peace Council, Eric Digby Hunt was, from 1938-40, the Secretary of the Youth Relief and Refugee Council. Inevitably, given that much of its activities aided […]

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Edney Eric

Eric Edney   Born Eric Alfred Edney in Wooton Rivers, Pewsey on the 5th February 1907, the son of a farm labourer, he would always describe himself as a country boy from a village in […]

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Whalley Eric

Eric Whalley Born in 1914, the second son of Tom and Charlotte Whalley, at 31 George Street, Mansfield, Eric’s father was active in the Labour Party and his mother in the Co-operative movement. Eric began […]

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Park Eric

Eric Park Eric Park was active for over 50 years in YCL and Communist Party in Scotland. He was active in the Clyde Apprentices Committee in a major strike wave in his youth. The Economic […]


Browne Eric

Eric Browne On one day sometime around 1957, Frank Watters (see separate entry) was selling the Daily Worker outside Armthorpe pit gate; it could not have been a more inauspicious period. Yet it was Eric […]


Batter Eric

Eric Batter Born in 1917, Batter was a Communist activist in Exeter until 1945. He then went to Plymouth, where he was associated with the Party’s `People’s Centre’ bookshop in Wimple Street. Later, he resided […]