Dare Eddie

Eddie Dare Born Edwin Hornsby Dare on 8th August 1919, he was the eldest of seven siblings. Suffering from polio as a child, Eddie also experienced the tragedy of a brother’s suicide.   Following a Devonshire […]


Adams Eddie

Eddie Adams Adams left school in 1951 and. By his own account, was a “bit of a rough neck” in his teenage years, being a member of the Moorhouse Boys gang. This recruited from former […]

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McCluskey Eddie

Eddie McCluskey   Born in Scotland in 1920, Eddie McCluskey was a prominent union convenor in post-war Coventry, where he had landed in pursuit of work in the immediate period after the war.   He […]

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Marsden Eddie

Eddie Marsden Born in Openshaw into a staunchly working class family, Marsden was one of four brother and three sisters. He joined the Communist Party locally in his youth during the 1930s and was a […]

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Jones Eddie

Eddie Jones Eddie Jones joined the Communist Party in the 1930s and visited the Soviet Union in 1934. He joined the army during the Second World War and was involved in the Allied landings in […]

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Hayes Eddie

Eddie Hayes Eddie Hayes joined the Clerical and Administrative Workers Union (which later became APEX and then merged with the GMB) in 1938 and was active in his union until shortly before his death. He […]

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Frow Eddie

Eddie Frow Eddie Frow was described in the celebrated book, “Love on the Dole”, by a little character sketch whereby a demonstrator against the Means Test is arrested and jailed for five months. But Frow […]