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Ives Derek

Derek Ives Derek Ives was a Communist Party member in Hayes, West Middlesex, living in Glenister Avenue.   He joined the Communist Party in 1968.   A central heating consultant by trade, he had moved […]

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Simpson Derek

Derek Simpson Simpson was born in Sheffield on the 23rd December 1944. An only child with an absent father, he attended Sheffield Central Technical School. He joined the Amalgamated Engineering Union (AEU) on becoming an […]

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Kartun Derek

 Derek Kartun                                                                                                                                                        Born Derek Isidor Kartun, in Margate on 9th August 1919, Kartun was the son of a Russian-French father and a Polish-English mother. He was born into the world of the cultured bourgeoisie, […]

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Robinson Derek

Derek Robinson   Born in 1927, Robinson joined the AEU as an apprentice at the Longbridge car plant in Northfield on the outskirts of Birmingham when he started work there during the height of the […]

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Jameson Derek

Derek Jameson Perhaps a little peculiar to place within a collection of mostly interesting and admirable Communists and ex-Communists, Jameson is much more well-known for being notorious as the editor of the News of the […]