Ainley David

  David Ainley     Born in 1909, he joined the YCL in 1923, and was a leading activist for most of his youth. He was the Manchester & Provincial representative in the YCL leadership […]

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Guest David

David Guest Guest was a noted Communist intellectual, first class scholar at Cambridge and International Brigadier who was killed during the battle of the River Ebro in July 1938. He was born in 1911, his father […]

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Wilson David Arnold

David Arnold Wilson Born 1897 Wilson later became a railway clerk, an active trades unionist and Communist in Bradford during the 1920s and 1930s. Left wing politics in Bradford up until the First World War […]

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Michaelson David

David Michaelson David Michaelson was born in Edinburgh in 1912, but came to London in his teens. There, he took up employment in the engineering industry and joined the Communist Party. He was Amalgamated Engineering […]


Capper David

David Capper Capper was born on March 2nd 1901 to a Jewish family, refugees from persecution in Lithuania and became a very active Communist trade unionist, working mainly within the National Union of Teachers, although […]

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Marshall David

David Marshall David Ronald Marshall was born on March 27th 1916 in Middlesborough, to a railway worker father and a mother who had been a lady’s maid. Both parents were committed Methodists and well-read individuals, […]