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Wall Alfred

Alfred Wall Alfred M Wall was probably the delegate from the Clapham branch of the British Socialist Party (BSP) to the Communist Unity Convention in 1920 and, as such, a founder member of the Communist Party.   […]

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Jenkin Alfred

Alfred Jenkin       Alfred was one of the hundreds of civil servants who lost their jobs when Attlee cleared all suspected Communists above a certain grade level in the late 1940s.   A […]

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Gibb Alfred

Alfred Gibb   Prior to the Second World War and during it, my father, Alfred Gibb was a Communist Party member and a member of the AEU. He worked in London in various factories. At […]


Comrie Alfred

Alfred Comrie Born on 28th November 1887 in Nottingham, Comrie was a member of the SLP. He served in World War One and was a founder member of the Communist Party. He was married to Ellen Mary […]