Peoples' history of Derbyshire Part II

Chapter Eight

CHAPTER EIGHT                              CLASS WAR OR IMPERIALIST WAR?   THE DERBYSHIRE LABOUR MOVEMENT AND THE POLITICS OF 1914-1918   Illustration: graffiti made by conscientious objectors imprisoned in Long Eaton  1 The Unions at the outset of […]

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People's history of Derbyshire Part IV


  APPENDICES   APPENDIX ONE: OFFICERS OF LOCAL DERBY TRADE UNION ORGANISATIONS OFFICERS OF THE DERBY TRADES COUNCIL 1891-1975                                                                           Presidents                                        Vice Presidents                   1891                           James Wheeldon (Stonemasons)                     ? Hadley 1892                           ditto probably                                  […]

People's history of Derbyshire Part IV

Chapter Thirteen

CHAPTER 13   THE MODERN ERA 1945-70    I     The overall political and economic situation                       2     The Labour Government’s economic policy 1947-50 3     The Cold War and the labour movement in Derbyshire           4     Political […]