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Defence or Defiance


“Defence or Defiance- a people’s history of Derbyshire” is at once a complete book of all things to do with the working class and progressive movement, in the whole of Derbyshire from the earliest times […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter One

THE EARLY DAYS 1. Introduction 2. 17th Century Democrats 3. The crowd in action 4. Lead Mining in Derbyshire 5. From Guild to Union 6. The Woolcombers 7. Framework Knitting 8. Cotton Mills 9. The […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Two

CHAPTER TWO “REBELLION IN DERBYSHIRE” 1. Luddism in Derbyshire 2. The Knitters’ Union after Luddism 3. The Pentrich Provocation of 1817 4. Notes and references Luddism in Derbyshire: The trend to the Luddism of the […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Three

CHAPTER THREE UNIONS DURING & AFTER THE COMBINATION LAWS 1. The Law, Society and the Unions 2. The Textile Industry i) Child Labour ii) Adult Labour and the Strike Movement of 1824 3. Early Trades […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Four

THE ‘SPRING TIDE’ OF TRADES UNIONISM Countdown to the Reform Act of 1832, the GNCTU and the Derby Turnout of 1833-4 1 “Blackguard villains of that now radical town” The Whigs dominated Derby politics throughout […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Five

Chapter 5: “Peaceably, If We Can – Forcibly, If We Must”: trades unions, the working class and Chartism in Derbyshire in the struggle for economic and political liberty 1 The Birth of the Charter (1839) […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Six

The Golden Age of Empire – Derbyshire Trades Unionism 1848-1890 1 SUPER-PROFITS MEAN SUPER-WAGES A new generation of professional trades unionists 2 “DOING AWAY WITH PUBLIC-HOUSE CLUB HOUSES” The demise of the tramping system (1850-1913) […]

People's history of Derbyshire Part IV


APPENDICES   APPENDIX ONE: OFFICERS OF LOCAL DERBY TRADE UNION ORGANISATIONS OFFICERS OF THE DERBY TRADES COUNCIL 1891-1975                                                                           Presidents                                        Vice Presidents                   1891                           James Wheeldon (Stonemasons)                     ? Hadley 1892                           ditto probably                                                          […]

Peoples' history of Derbyshire Part II

Chapter Eight

CHAPTER EIGHT                              CLASS WAR OR IMPERIALIST WAR?   THE DERBYSHIRE LABOUR MOVEMENT AND THE POLITICS OF 1914-1918   Illustration: graffiti made by conscientious objectors imprisoned in Long Eaton  1 The Unions at the outset of […]

People's history of Derbyshire Part III

Chapter Nine

CHAPTER NINE: REFORM OR REVOLUTION? CLASS POLITICS 1918-25                                                                               1 The 1918 general election   2          The revolutionary period 1919-21                        3          Battles on the economic front – from the war to the early twenties               […]