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Reform or Revolution?

Speech given on September 14 2017 in Bristol. REFORM OR REVOLUTION: The British Labour Movement and the Lessons of History:                                                                                   A Pattern Of British History? Over the course of the last three centuries, a clearly […]



Tomorrow May Not Be the Same: Alienation Mike Quille (MQ) interviews Graham Stevenson (GS) for Communist Review in 2014. MQ: In the first article[1] in this series, Chris Guiton focused on a specific area of life, […]

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Migrants & the TGWU

This feature on migrant labour and the TGWU in the 1960s and 1970s is a work in progress, with ongoing research into relations in West Midlands foundries in the 1960s, the ban on bus workers […]

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Bargees and the TGWU

MIDLANDS CANAL BARGE MASTERS, CREWS, AND FAMILIES  & THE TRANSPORT & GENERAL WORKERS UNION (1920-70) The biggest dispute ever organised by a trade union, which only concerned canal boat workers was the strike of Transport […]


Ludmer, Maurice

Maurice Ludmer Ludmer was born in Manchester in 1926 to a Jewish family, his father being a Salford hairdresser and his mother a teacher of Hebrew.  The family moved to Balsall Heath, Birmingham in 1939, when […]