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O’Donnell Dennis

Dennis O'Donnell   Born in 1916, O'Donnell was elected as a Communist councillor for Bilston New Town ward in May 1956. Then living at 3 Rainbow Street Coseley, he was an active member of the […]

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Gibson Les

Les Gibson Gibson was born in Fulham in September, 1913 and left school at 14, in 1927, and for the next seven years he prepared wild fowl in a department store, Barkers of Kensington, where […]

Communist history

The ETU and the Communist Party

Dedication:To those Communists of integrity and honesty, loyal to their union, who were falsely accused of fraud against it.   Thanks to Bob Carr and Larry Braithwaite, Communist veterans of the ETU, for their invaluable assistance. […]

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John Evan

Evan John   By Darien Jay:  Great Grandson My great-grandfather, Evan David John was born on 15th June 1909, the son of Phillip and Eleanor John (née Davies), in Pontardawe, where he lived his whole […]

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Stubbs Dick

Dick Stubbs Richard Stubbs was born in April 1909 to a mother who was a former Belfast mill worker. His father was a Lancashire tin smith father, who moved the family to Cheltenham sto seek […]

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Freeman John

John Freeman   John Freeman was born in 1934 between the Shankill and Crumlin Roads. In the late 50s, he found work in Australia before returning home to Northern Ireland in the following decade. He […]

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Elliott Lon

Lon Elliott Born in 1911, Elliott married Kathleen and they both managed the McLaren’s Books in Cambridge, as a Communist-run bookshop for the wider left. Lon went to Spain to serve with the International Brigade. Whilst […]

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Nicholson David

David Nicholson Nicholson was born in Nottingham in 1956 and educated at Forest Fields Grammar School. He graduated from Bristol Polytechnic with a history and politics degree and began work in the health sphere. At […]

Articles, reviews, speeches

Orwellian mischief

Orwellian mischief – the politics and psychology of an anti-Communist by Graham Stevenson The 1941 drawings by Gertrude Elias from her story board for a cartoon film mooted to the Ministry of Information.  Orwell briefly worked […]

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Quinn John

John Quinn Then aged 44, Quinn was a leader of a section of the 1932 Hunger Marchers from Manchester, and as such was almost certainly a card-carrying Communist. He was sentenced at Brentford Police Court to two months' hard […]