Rubin Alf

Alf Rubin Pictured below in his prime in the Daily Worker of 1st January 1952, he was born on 25 November 1916 as Alfred Ruben. Alf was, from the age of 18 years, the man […]

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Keeling Ernie

Ernie Keeling   Born in Oxford on 30 November 1914 to Frank, a coach painter, and Eileen, a full time family worker, Ernie Keeling joined the Communist Party in 1934, after being involved in the […]

Encyclopedia of Communist Biographies

Atienza, Tony

Tony Atienza Full name Anthony David Atienza and born in Lambeth on 2 October 1921, he was the son of a Spanish bank clerk whose ancestors had been Spanish army officers. By 1939, the family […]


Hill May

May Hill May Rose Hill (nee Franklin) and husband Jim joined the Communist Party in 1937 in Wood Green, to support the fight against fascism. During the war Jim, an electrician, was sent to Scotland […]

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Scott Bernard

Bernard Scott Born in 1923, Bernard Scott was born in the inner-city community of Armley in west Leeds and lived in the city all his life. After leaving school, he became a librarian. During the […]

People's history of Derbyshire Part IV


APPENDICES   APPENDIX ONE: OFFICERS OF LOCAL DERBY TRADE UNION ORGANISATIONS OFFICERS OF THE DERBY TRADES COUNCIL 1891-1975                                                                           Presidents                                        Vice Presidents                   1891                           James Wheeldon (Stonemasons)                     ? Hadley 1892                           ditto probably                                                          […]

Peoples' history of Derbyshire Part II

Chapter Eight

CHAPTER EIGHT                              CLASS WAR OR IMPERIALIST WAR?   THE DERBYSHIRE LABOUR MOVEMENT AND THE POLITICS OF 1914-1918   Illustration: graffiti made by conscientious objectors imprisoned in Long Eaton  1 The Unions at the outset of […]

People's history of Derbyshire Part III

Chapter Nine

CHAPTER NINE: REFORM OR REVOLUTION? CLASS POLITICS 1918-25                                                                               1 The 1918 general election   2          The revolutionary period 1919-21                        3          Battles on the economic front – from the war to the early twenties               […]


Turner Beth

Beth Turner A prominent socialist activist in the South Yorkshire area during the early years of the 20th Century, Beth Turner represented Rotherham for the Communist Unity Group, which had emerged from the Socialist Labour […]

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Edwards Eric W

 Eric W Edwards Born on 23 April 1944 in Croydon to Communist parents, Eric was a longstanding member of the British Communist Party in both Surrey and the South Midlands districts, until he was expelled […]