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Defence or Defiance


“Defence or Defiance- a people’s history of Derbyshire” is at once a complete book of all things to do with the working class and progressive movement, in the whole of Derbyshire from the earliest times […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter One

THE EARLY DAYS 1. Introduction 2. 17th Century Democrats 3. The crowd in action 4. Lead Mining in Derbyshire 5. From Guild to Union 6. The Woolcombers 7. Framework Knitting 8. Cotton Mills 9. The […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Two

CHAPTER TWO “REBELLION IN DERBYSHIRE” 1. Luddism in Derbyshire 2. The Knitters’ Union after Luddism 3. The Pentrich Provocation of 1817 4. Notes and references Luddism in Derbyshire: The trend to the Luddism of the […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Three

CHAPTER THREE UNIONS DURING & AFTER THE COMBINATION LAWS 1. The Law, Society and the Unions 2. The Textile Industry i) Child Labour ii) Adult Labour and the Strike Movement of 1824 3. Early Trades […]

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Movement matters is a wide ranging collection of articles, epubs, speeches and snippets: `Anatomy of decline – the Young Communist League (1966-1980)’ – a 53,000 word study first written by Graham Stevenson in 1985. `In […]

Encyclopedia of Communist Biographies

A guide

There are many individual Communist Biographies in this section of this site, adding up to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of words! Work on newly researched biographies is on-going and suggestions, new information, additions, corrections, […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Four

THE ‘SPRING TIDE’ OF TRADES UNIONISM Countdown to the Reform Act of 1832, the GNCTU and the Derby Turnout of 1833-4 1 “Blackguard villains of that now radical town” The Whigs dominated Derby politics throughout […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Five

Chapter 5: “Peaceably, If We Can – Forcibly, If We Must”: trades unions, the working class and Chartism in Derbyshire in the struggle for economic and political liberty 1 The Birth of the Charter (1839) […]

People’s history of Derbyshire Part I

Chapter Six

The Golden Age of Empire – Derbyshire Trades Unionism 1848-1890 1 SUPER-PROFITS MEAN SUPER-WAGES A new generation of professional trades unionists 2 “DOING AWAY WITH PUBLIC-HOUSE CLUB HOUSES” The demise of the tramping system (1850-1913) […]


Champion Ron

Ron Champion Champion grew up in Leeds and then went to Oxford University to read History, where he met his future wife, Barbara Auckland, who became a sub-editor on the Daily Worker. (See separate entry […]