April 24, 2019

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The Communist Party in the 1980s

THE BRITISH COMMUNIST PARTY IN THE 1980s: REVISIONISM, RESISTANCE AND RE-ESTABLISHMENT                                        The background to the falling apart of the CPGB was deeply rooted in controversies about which direction the Party should go; should [...]
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There are many individual Communist Biographies in this section of this site, adding up to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of words! Work on newly researched biographies is on-going and suggestions, new information, additions, corrections, and queries from readers are always welcome. Reminiscences that readers have are particularly interesting. Use the contact me tab to get in touch. “Man’s dearest possession is life. It is given to him but once, and he must live it [...]

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Apling Paddy

  66555543            (E C) Paddy Apling Born on 11th April 1925 as Edward Chatterton Apling, he found his baptismal name a bit too pompous for taste, growing up. With no connections to Ireland, his choice […]

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Abbott Bill

Bill Abbott   Born in Ancoats, Manchester in 1905, Abbott became an apprentice pattern-maker at a firm of wire manufacturers at the age of fourteen. He worked there for eight years, from 1919-27, until he […]

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Avis Peter

Peter Avis Avis began working for the Observer in the 1960s and was with it on an off until 2003. In the 1970s he was a reporter for the Morning Star, becoming its diplomatic correspondent. […]


Attwood Arthur

Arthur Attwood Born in Wandsworth in 1913, Arthur was the son of a postman and the former housemaid of the cricketer, WG Grace. Arthur left school at the age of 14 and started training as an […]


Ancrum Jimmy

  Cllr Jimmy Ancrum Jim Ancrum was born in Felling-on-Tyne, in County Durham, England, in 1898. Becoming a noted orator and soapbox performer, he would end up as as a legendary figure in the north-east […]


Abbott Dorothy

Dorothy Pauline Abbott (Knight) Born Norwich October 26th 1920, Dorothy Abbott (she later married and adopted the name Knight) was seconded by the Department of Overseas Trade to be employed as a shorthand typist to […]