May 24, 2019

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Democratic centralism

Historical notes on democratic centralism   Democratic Centralism is not so much as written about by Lenin as developed in practice. The approach he was engaged in was seen by Lenin as applying the traditional [...]
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There are many individual Communist Biographies in this section of this site, adding up to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of words! Work on newly researched biographies is on-going and suggestions, new information, additions, corrections, and queries from readers are always welcome. Reminiscences that readers have are particularly interesting. Use the contact me tab to get in touch. “Man’s dearest possession is life. It is given to him but once, and he must live it [...]

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Abbott Dorothy

Dorothy Pauline Abbott (Knight) Born Norwich October 26th 1920, Dorothy Abbott (she later married and adopted the name Knight) was seconded by the Department of Overseas Trade to be employed as a shorthand typist to […]


Ainley David

  David Ainley     Born in 1909, he joined the YCL in 1923, and was a leading activist for most of his youth. He was the Manchester & Provincial representative in the YCL leadership […]


Adams Eddie

Eddie Adams Adams left school in 1951 and. By his own account, was a “bit of a rough neck” in his teenage years, being a member of the Moorhouse Boys gang. This recruited from former […]


Ainley Ted

Ted Ainley Secretary of the Communist Party’s cultural committee in 1960s, he was for many years editor of the Party’s weekly journal World News (later called Comment). Ted Ainley was born in Manchester of a […]

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Allen William (Rev)

Reverend William Allen   The Reverend William E Allen was, for twelve years, the congregational minister at Dulwich Grove Congregational Church, Dulwich, London, SE22.  He was forced to resign his position as minister because of […]

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Abbott May

May Abbott May Abbott was a weaver from the age of 14, and a member of YCL and CPGB from an early age. She was also the full time secretary of the Rossendale branch of the Textile […]