Movement matters is a wide ranging collection of articles, epubs, speeches and snippets:

`Anatomy of decline – the Young Communist League (1966-1980)’ – a 53,000 word study first written by Graham Stevenson in 1985.

`In Defence of History’ (2004), an 80,000 word study by Graham Stevenson of classical Marxist historical theory in the context of modern scientific evolutionary, psychological, anthropological, archaeological and historical knowledge; in which conceptions of patriarchy, class rule and development are shown to be the consequences of real life.

Graham Stevenson’s `An illustrated guide to trade union history’, with downloadable pictures (further developed in 2001 from a 1980 project).

`The British Security Forces and the Communist Party’ (5,500 words)

`The Communist Party In The 1980s: Revisionism, Resistance And Re-Establishment’ (12,000 words)

`Spartacus and class struggle in ancient Rome’ (1986) – 11,000 words

Orwellian Mischief – the politics and psychology of an anti-Communist

British Bus Deregulation of the 1980s

PLUS Various articles by Graham Stevenson:

i. `Historical notes on democratic centralism’

ii. `Dunne and Sullivan- Irish republican martyrs’ (2002)

Articles that first appeared in shorter versions in `Communist Review’ published here in full:

iii. `Is corporatism dead?’ An analysis of the side-lining of unions by the British state

iv. `Birmingham Communists in action in the 1930s’

v. `Women and the new industries of the 1930s’

vi. The errors of Eaden and Renton on Communist history (12,000 words)

vii. The fight to reclaim the Labour Party (12,000 words)

Articles that first appeared in shorter version in the Morning Star

viii. The miners’ strike 20 years on and the Communist Party (10,000 words)

ix. Ricky Tomlinson’s autobiography – a full review

Speeches by Graham Stevenson:

i. `A Disordered Society Of Machine Men, With Machine Minds And Machine Hearts’: Speech To North-East May Day May 3rd 2008

ii. `The Human Race Is Not A Competition’: Speech To Wolverhampton May Day 2008

iii. “We Will Keep A-Going … And Will Break Before We Will Bend.’ Speech To Derby Trades Union Council Rally – May Day 2007

iv. “We’re not very militant here, not like Birmingham” speech to Derby Socialist Forum – April 2007

v. The Life & Work Of Tom Mann & Trade Union Organising Today’ – speech to Coventry Trades Union Council May 2007

vi. `Capitalism Damages Your Health’: Communist Party Executive Committee January 2007

vii. `The Formation Of A Mass Workers’ Party’ – Communist University Of Wales 2006

viii. `The British Labour Movement and the Lessons of History’ – Communist University Of Scotland 2006

ix. `Building the Party and the Report Of The Commission On Party Organisation’ – 2006 49th Congress Communist Party of Britain

x. `The Current Stage In State Monopoly Capitalism’: Communist Party Executive Committee Political Statement – November 2004

xi. `Trade Unions, Globalisation And The EU’ – Red November 2004

xii. `Figures Don’t Lie But Dissemblers Can Surely Figure – Glasgow Morning Star Conference 2004

xiii. `Has the link been broken?’ Glasgow Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group – 2004

xiv. The Slogan ‘Quality Of Life’ Needs To Be Our Watchword For The Future – Speech To YCL Rally `Red November’ 2003

xv. `New Labour Pole-Dances Its Way Around US Imperialism’:

xvi. Speech by Graham Stevenson to Communist Party Election Rally, Pontypridd, April 2003

xvii. `Globalise Labour’s Solidarity’: Speech To Communist University Of Britain – 2003

xviii. `Militancy is the next step – but in itself it is not enough’: Speech to the 46th Congress of the Communist Party – 2002

xix. `The Economic Basis For Capital, delivered to the T&G London Morning Star Readers And Supporters’ Group – May 2000

xx. `The Challenge For The Left and Trade Unions And Society In The 21st Century’ Speech To Communist Trades Unionists weekend school (1994)

The complete memoirs of three Communists – are also published here. i.e.

“Being Frank” – the memoirs of Frank Watters (publ. 1992, revised edition – 100,000 words)

“Why is life like that?” by Sid Easton (1991 – 24,000 words),

`No wonder we were all rebels – an oral history’ by Jock and Betty Kane (1992 – 34,000 words).

`Archives from our history’ – a collection of miscellaneous reprinted versions of texts from the past:

1946 YCL congress; 1961 YCL congress; YCL in the 1950 general election; Clarion cycling club 1922; engineering shop stewards national conference 1944; Communist student branches 1963-64; the wartime links between Coventry and Stalingrad.

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