People's history of Derbyshire Part III

Chapter Nine

CHAPTER NINE: REFORM OR REVOLUTION? CLASS POLITICS 1918-25                                                                               1 The 1918 general election   2          The revolutionary period 1919-21                        3          Battles on the economic front – from the war to the early twenties               […]


Turner Beth

Beth Turner A prominent socialist activist in the South Yorkshire area during the early years of the 20th Century, Beth Turner represented Rotherham for the Communist Unity Group, which had emerged from the Socialist Labour […]

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Edwards Eric W

 Eric W Edwards Born on 23 April 1944 in Croydon to Communist parents, Eric was a longstanding member of the British Communist Party in both Surrey and the South Midlands districts, until he was expelled […]


Hastings Jack

Jack Hastings Francis John Clarence Westenra Plantagenet ‘Jack’ Hastings, the 16th Earl of Huntingdon, was born on 30 January 1901 to his father, the 15th Earl, and mother, Maud Margaret Wilson.  The family traced its […]

People's history of Derbyshire Part III

Chapter Twelve

CHAPTER TWELVE  A PEOPLE’S WAR – A PEOPLE’S PEACE?   The Derbyshire Labour Movement: 1939-1945   For some, the summer of 1939 was a complex contradiction of international turmoil and domestic idyll. The TGWU District […]

Peoples' history of Derbyshire Part II

Chapter Seven

CHAPTER SEVEN “THE WORKERS’ MOVEMENT TAKES ITS OWN COURSE” 1)  Out with the old – in with the new a) Social Conditions – 1890 to 19 b) The growth of industrial militancy 1911-1 914   2)  i) […]

People's history of Derbyshire Part IV

Chapter Thirteen

CHAPTER 13   THE MODERN ERA 1945-70    I     The overall political and economic situation                       2     The Labour Government’s economic policy 1947-50 3     The Cold War and the labour movement in Derbyshire           4     Political […]

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Thompson Dave

Dave Thompson Dave Thompson, a Merseyside leader of the 1966 seafarers’ strike, died on August 9 2017 in Bangor hospital. Age 79 he was a member of Liverpool, then Crouch End, branches of the Communist […]

People's history of Derbyshire Part III

Chapter Ten

CHAPTER 10 “NO SIGNS OF WEAKENING” –  THE GENERAL STRIKE OF 1926 IN DERBYSHIRE   “There were no signs of weakening. On the other hand more workers were coming out and joining the strike.” [1] […]

People's history of Derbyshire Part III

Chapter Eleven

CHAPTER 11 1927-1939  1 Mond-Turnerism: political and non-political trades unionism   After the General Strike a new spirit, a compromising one, dominated the unions. In a newspaper article, George Hicks of the Bricklayers, the 1927 […]