People's history of Derbyshire Part III

Chapter Eleven

CHAPTER 11 1927-1939  1 Mond-Turnerism: political and non-political trades unionism   After the General Strike a new spirit, a compromising one, dominated the unions. In a newspaper article, George Hicks of the Bricklayers, the 1927 […]


Abbott Bill

Bill Abbott   Born in Ancoats, Manchester in 1905, Abbott became an apprentice pattern-maker at a firm of wire manufacturers at the age of fourteen. He worked there for eight years, from 1919-27, until he […]


Aaronovitch David

David Aaronovitch Born in 1954, Aaronovitch was the son of a rather more grounded leading member of the Communist Party, the father being Sam Aaronovitch (see separate entry). David Aaronovitch was also a member though […]

Encyclopedia of Communist Biographies

Aaronovitch Sam

Sam Aaronovitch   Aaronovitch was the second son of Lithuanian Jewish parents who fled to London in the early part of the 20th century. Born on December 26th 1919, in Stepney’s Cable Street, he left […]