Champion Ron

Ron Champion

Champion grew up in Leeds and then went to Oxford University to read History, where he met his future wife, Barbara Auckland, who became a sub-editor on the Daily Worker. (See separate entry for Barbara Champion.)

On leaving the RAF at the end of the war, he moved to London, where they married. Ron became a journalist and public relations officer for the pharmaceuticals company Burroughs Wellcome. 

Living in West Hampstead, the couple became tireless campaigners for the Communist Party, contesting elections and raising funds for the paper. 

On retirement, they moved to Essex, where Barbara died in 1991. Ron then moved to be nearer to their children, Anne and Mike. 

Politically active to the age of 91, he died aged 96 in Tiverton on 19 January 2017.

Source: Morning Star, 14.2.17 Anne Kilshaw


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