Rose Margaret

Margaret Rose

Having joined the Communist Party in 1951, Margaret Rose become the long-term Area Secretary in Aberdeen, for much of the time as a part-time worker.

She was especially devoted to building Communist Party membership through election campaigns with a focus on detail.  One of the strongest votes secured locally was by A L Smith in Cairncry ward with 552 votes.

The Aberdeen Party contested  9  out  of  12  vacancies in  the  1967  municipal  elections  and made  23  new  members  from  the  campaign.  19 of these  recruits  were from  St.  Machar Ward, where  a  concentrated  canvass  was  carried  out  in two  areas  in  the  ward.  Maragaret Rose was a frequent during the 1960s in this ward.

In 1966 and in 1970 she was the Communist parliamentary candidate at the General Election in the Aberdeen North constituency.

Rose was for much of this period a member of the Secretariat of the Scottish Committee of the Party.

She was also active as a member of the Committee for Peace in Vietnam.

In British  TUC week that year, she reported that two members  in  Aberdeen  shipyards,  Don Martin  and  Jimmy McArtney, had sold 26  Morning  Stars  every  day. The “transport  comrades,  who  always  do  a good  job  with  the  paper,  took  seven extra  every  day”.   

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