Meredith Kit

Kit Meredith


Christopher (Chris or Kit) Meredith was probably born in 1900 and worked as an administrative worker and a university lecturer.

He served in the 1st Air Formation Signals in Italy from 1944-1946; part of the Royal Corps of Signals, these units provided land-line communications and a dispatch-rider letter service for the RAF.

He wrote “Higher education for the people”, with a foreword by G C T Giles (see separate entry), an 88-page booklet published by the Communist Party in 1948.

Meredith was active in the peace movement between 1951 and 1968 and was a delegate to the 25th congress in 1957.                                                    

In 1963, so exercised was he by the payment by Harrow Council out of council rates, a form of council tax, for so-called `civil defence’, or preparations for nuclear war, that he refused to pay the appropriate proportion of rates levied for this.


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