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Jarvie Bob

  Bob Jarvie  Jarvie was an active Communist Party member in Croydon in the 40s and 50s. He stood for the "working class" constituency of  West Croydon in the 1950 general election. He wrote in World News in late 1949 that: […]

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Kelly Dave

Dave Kelly Dave Kelly was aged 30 when he stood as a Communist candidate in the 1950 general election for Ilford South obtaining just short of a thousand votes. The son of a miner, Kelly […]

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Tayler Julian

Julian Tayler Julian Tayler was born on 7th November 1921 in Coventry. His mother, Annie, was the sister of Frank Jackson – a life-long Communist, building worker militant, and Party librarian (see separate entry). Annie was also […]

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Wheeldon Will

Will Wheeldon The son of Alice Wheedon (see separate entry), Will Wheeldon was also an activist in the SLP. He was a teacher in Derby who was on the run as a conscientious objector when his mother […]

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Pocock Gerry

  Gerry Pocock Born in 1930, Pocock joined the Party in 1954 and worked as a proof-reader, being father-of-the-chapel (shop steward). A leading figure in the YCL during the 1950s, he was editor of “Challenge”. […]

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Hardy George

  A brief biography of George Hardy by Graham Stevenson additions and corrections welcomed:   Born in 1885, Hardy joined the Communist Party in 1921 and was a member of the central committee during the […]


Douglas Fred

Fred Douglas Douglas was a prominent Communist from Edinburgh and the assistant secretary of the National Unemployed Workers’ Committee Movement in the early 20s.  (The featured image is of a 1933 NUWM demonstration in Edinburgh.)  […]

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Garrett George

Garrett George Born in Seacombe on August 13th 1896, Garrett was, like many of the Merseyside-Irish, brought up a Catholic but unusually he was the son of a Catholic mother and Protestant father. His father, […]

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Seabrook Dick

  Dick Seabrook Richard "Dick" Seabrook joined the Communist Party in 1931. He and his brother Alfred were both active in the Chelmsford Communist Party probably from its conception around 1933. Dick was a boot […]