Pocock Gerry


Gerry Pocock

Born in 1930, Pocock joined the Party in 1954 and worked as a proof-reader, being father-of-the-chapel (shop steward).

A leading figure in the YCL during the 1950s, he was editor of “Challenge”.

Subsequently, he spent much of his time in the Party as a full-time worker.

He was responsible for press matters during the 1959 party congress.

By 1965, he was in Oxford serving as District Secretary of the South Midlands district of the Party.

By 1967 he was a full-time party worker in Lancashire.

In the 1970s he was working at Party centre but a member of the Leyton branch in S Essex district.

He was assistant Industrial Organiser for a period in the very late 1970s.

Then the Party press began to see articles by him appear about “EuroCommunism”.

He became much associated with the revisionist wing that would, from hereon, lead the CPGB into liquidation.

In 1981 he was elected to the EC of the Party and was made head of the International Department and a member of the Political Committee.

For the 38th congress in 1983 congress he was one of the EC representatives on the Resolutions Committee.



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