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Jack Evans

Born in 1920, Jack Evans left his studies at Bristol University in 1939 to fight as a commando in the Second World War.

Having returned to his studies after the war, he became president of the university’s Socialist Society. When Bristol City Council laid on an exhibition promoting South Africa, just beginning to accord full state power to apartheid, Evans controversially led a demonstration against this. Subsequently, he joined the Communist Party, of which he was a member until his death.

He and his wife, Molly, attended the 1947 World Youth Festival in Bucharest.

He was a teacher in Laurence Weston until his retirement in 1985 and moved the affiliation of the NUT to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) at its annual conference in 1980. This was a move, at the time, opposed by the union’s executive and even by its broad left!

Jack Evans was branch secretary of the Bristol Communist Party from re-establishment.

He died in October 1997.

Source: Morning Star October 16th 1997

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