Elliott Lon


Lon Elliott

Born in 1911, he married Kathleen and they both managed the McLarens Books in Cambridge, a kind of Communist run Left bookshop.

Lon went to Spain to serve with the International Brigade. Whilst there he wrote the poem `Jarama’.

His view on 1939 was that it was an “absolute paramount question” to support the only socialist state.

Lon served in the army in the war.

He was a teacher and in 1945, he wrote a 28 page pamphlet for the International Brigade Association IBA and a similar account of opposition in Spain for Labour Monthly in 1948.

On the 25th anniversary of the outbreak fo the Spanish war, in August 1961, Marxism Today carried a major piece by him.

He died on July 1tth 1983 in Basingstoke.  

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