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Quinn John

John Quinn Then aged 44, Quinn was a leader of a section of the 1932 Hunger Marchers from Manchester, and as such was almost certainly a card-carrying Communist. He was sentenced at Brentford Police Court to two months' hard […]

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Nicholson Fergus

Fergus Nicholson Fergus George H M Nicolson was born in 1935 in Dumfries. He was a Glorney Cup chess competition champion as a Hyndland Senior Secondary School, Glasgow, school pupil at the age of only […]

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Finley Larry

Larry Finley Larry Finley was born in Liverpool on 12th July 1909, the son of Edward James Finley and Annie Finley (nee Batch). His parents had lived in Salford but his father emigrated to Canada […]

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Jepps Malcolm

Malcolm Jepps   Born in August 1932, Jepps joined the YCL in February 1950. He studied at Stratford and St. Martin's Schools of Art until 1951 and after training began work as a commercial artist. […]

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Emery Harry

Harry Emery A foundation member of the Coventry Communist Party, he moved to Birmingham in 1922 and became secretary of the branch there. Emery was arrested that very year for the part he played in […]

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Ramsay David

Dave Ramsay  Dave Ramsay was a pattern maker by trade and a member of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, then of the AEU.  He was a member of the Socialist Labour Party in Leicester. An anti-war […]

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Gee T(om)

T(om) Gee In 1925 a sensational near victory took place in local elections in Wednesbury. A Communist, T Gee, in an out-of-the-blue (red?) straight fight with an Independent in Town Hall ward (one of five […]

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Riordan Jim

Jim Riordan James William Riordan was born on the 10th October 1936 and came from a working class family in Portsmouth. He attended the Southern Grammar School for Boys. When on a Russian studies degree […]

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Pegg Sid and Ray

Sid and Ray Pegg Sid was born as Sidney Christopher in 1919 and Ray as Raymond in 1928. (These dates are presumed from public records on the basis that the maiden name of the mother […]

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Middleton Olga

Olga Middleton Born in 1906, Olga Middleton joined the Party in 1936 and was an activist in the tailoring union, the NUTGW. In the post-1945 era, Olga Middleton was a Branch Secretary of the Finsbury […]