Follis Eddy

Eddy Follis

Born in 1905, Follis travelled around America in the 1920s and 30s, riding the rails, acting in silent movies and ending up in New York in the depths of the recession. 

Returning to Britain, he joined the Communist Party and was prominent in fighting Mosley's fascists, especially at the battle of Cable Street.

During the war, in the RAF he was an engineer on Lancaster bombers and motor torpedo boats.

After the war he ran various fashion businesses including `Skirts Mainly’ in Crawford Street and a factory making couture samples for Mary Quant.

In his spare time he was an active member and writer at the Unity Theatre along with Sam Wanamaker and Johnny Speight.

Latterly an antique dealer and craftsman, Eddy died peacefully on 4th July 2005 aged just over 100 years. His sons comment on a site dedicated to their father:“On his 100th Birthday, in true republican, Eddy-style he commented: "The Queen can take her birthday card and shove it up her arse".


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