Baecker Angela

Angela Baecker

Born on 8th October 1946 as Angela Stolz,  Baecker came from Hamburg and was a member of the German Communist Party (DKP). When she moved to Nottingham in 1978, she joined the British Communist Party.

The following year, she moved to Barnsley where she worked in the library at Northern College and went on to study librarianship at Leeds Polytechnic, also being elected the Secretary of Barnsley branch of the Communist Party.  She was also involved in Barnsley CND and took part in the establishment of a Sheffield branch of the National Assembly of Women.

Baecker was killed in a car crash in the East Midlands along with fellow Communist, 27-year old Penny Mead, on 22 June 1982.

Sources include Morning Star 22nd June 1983

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