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Quinn John

John Quinn Then aged 44, Quinn was a leader of a section of the 1932 Hunger Marchers from Manchester, and as such was almost certainly a card-carrying Communist. He was sentenced at Brentford Police Court to two months' hard […]

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Zak Bill

Bill Zak Born Nivose William F Zak in Hendon, then in Middlesex, in 1906, Zak was a leading Communist in the London district of the Party as well as being a furnishing trades union activist […]


Baecker Angela

Angela Baecker Born on 8th October 1946 as Angela Stolz,  Baecker came from Hamburg and was a member of the German Communist Party (DKP). When she moved to Nottingham in 1978, she joined the British […]

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Nicholson Fergus

Fergus Nicholson Fergus George H M Nicolson was born in 1935 in Dumfries. He was a Glorney Cup chess competition champion as a Hyndland Senior Secondary School, Glasgow, school pupil at the age of only […]

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Elliott Lon

  Lon Elliott Born in 1911, he married Kathleen and they both managed the McLarens Books in Cambridge, a kind of Communist run Left bookshop. Lon went to Spain to serve with the International Brigade. Whilst […]

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Finley Larry

Larry Finley Larry Finley was born in Liverpool on 12th July 1909, the son of Edward James Finley and Annie Finley (nee Batch). His parents had lived in Salford but his father emigrated to Canada […]

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Elias Gertrude

A brief biography of Gertrude Elias by Graham Stevenson: Gertrude was born on November 5th 1913 in Vienna, then the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Her father was a left-wing Jewish lawyer who took on the […]

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Trotter Jack

Jack Trotter Born in 1879, Jack (John) Trotter was a foundation and life-long member of the Communist Party. He was jailed in the wake of the general strike at the age of 47, being sentenced […]

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Keable Bill

Bill Keable William George Keable was born in 1903 in Limehouse East London, the eldest child of six of a father who was a postman and a mother who was a shirt-maker. His grandmother had […]

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Rosenberg Jack & Harry

  Jack and Harry Rosenberg The Rosenbergs were Cockney Jews, Jack born in early 1917 and Harry in 1919.  The brothers were active in the Hackney Workers Sports Club from 1933 and possibly before that the Clarion Cycle […]