Wayne Wolf

Wolf Wayne


Wayne was brought up in a working class London household. Having studied history at university, he became an adult education lecturer later in life.


Wolf served in the armed forces during the war and saw action in Italy, where, through quick wittedness, he was able to save the lives of a number of Italian partisans. He was honoured in later years when he made a return visit to the village where the action took place.  


In the immediate post-war period, he helped found The 43 Group of Jewish ex-servicemen to fight the resurgent Mosleyites.


He was in a life-long marriage with Beryl whom he met in the Party and became a prominent London trade unionist and peace campaigner. Members of the CPGB until dissolution, they joined Democratic Left.  Then he and Beryl were founder members of the Green Socialist Network which later became the Alliance for Green Socialism.


Wayne considered himself a life-long Communist and was a long-standing member of the Socialist History Society.


He died in April 2011 after suffering a stroke, aged 88.


Source: Socialist History May 2011


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