Kingsford Jack

Jack Kingsford

Kingsford was a Communist Party member in South East London.


He wrote to the Daily Worker 21st November 1961 to complain about the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Russia, published on Saturday 11th November 1961. This was of the effect of changing the name of Stalingrad to Volgograd, in line with the infamous 22nd CPSU Congress sharp attack upon Stalin personality cult.

Kingsford wrote: "I consider the de-Stalinisation cult is going too far and many comrades and friends I know are fed up with it. The name of my house will remain "Stalingrad" and Uncle Joe's effigy will stay in its place of honour inside".

It is of historical note that the people of Volgograd have regularly shown support in returning the name of the City back to Stalingrad in honour of its historic resistance to the Nazi aggressors, A battle that undoubtedly changed the course of the War, the battle for Stalingrad inspired and rallied millions of people throughout the world to redouble the fight at the front and in the factories against the Nazi's and their friends. The famous slogan from Stalingrad – “For us, there is no land beyond the Volga.” – was turned into a reality over the deaths of millions of Soviet defenders.

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