Carter Maisie

 Maisie Carter

A Communist Party activist, teacher, and active NUT member, from North West Surrey for very many years,  she became New Communist Party District secretary at the time of the 1977 formation of the breakaway New Communist Party.

Maisie was a fabulous organiser of paper sales outside and inside big workplaces.  The NCP claimed sales of the New Worker of a thousand a week in Maisie’s district of Surrey, alone. 35 copies were being sold at Hawkers, the Kingston Aero works, where the AUEW Engineering convenor, Colin Jones, was also a NCP member.

A further 26 papers would be sold at Weybridge British Aerospace plant, 19 at Amalgamated Dental at Walton, 12 at Bradbury Wilkinson – the Malden printers- , 10 at Kingston Polytechnic. Other New worker sellers in 1977 included Nat Garber of Chessington and Colin MacDonald at Croydon. Friday morning pitches were organised at Monotype of Redhill and Deccas at New Malden and new paper rounds planned for Ewell.

Paul Bushaway was organising paper sales in Mitcham and Claudia Rooks handled them at local labour exchanges, where the paper received a good response.

Later, (perhaps due to internal Party reorganisation?) Maisie became the NCP’s South London District Secretary but seems to have left the leadership about a decade or so ago.

She has become President of her local trades council, Merton & Sutton TUC in recent years.

Source:; New Worker 16th December 1977 (Michael Walker)

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