Papaspyrou Glykeris

Glykeris Papaspyrou


Known as `Papas’ to all and sundry who visited the Fairlight Lodge Hotel, some four miles from the town of Hastings in Sussex, he was the owner of the hotel which was the site of the Communist Party’s national cadre schools for many years in the 1960s and 1970s.


Papas came from Yialloussa, in the region of Famagusta, where his wife, Kiki, came from. The couple left Cyprus for London in 1949 to allow Papas to study in England to further his catering skills. They brought their seven month daughter with them and had four more children before moving to the Fairlight Lodge Hotel in Hastings in 1964, where they established a successful hotel business.


In time, the Communist Party found it a congenial place to do business and held many residential schools in the remote hotel.


Well known in his final years in the local Cypriot community, Papas died aged 87 on 12th July 2011; Kiki had already died in 2005.




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