Marks Beattie

Beattie Marks

Born in October 1902, she was a foundation member of the Communist Party and from 1921, she worked in a full-time capacity for the Party.


In a tribute to her on her 50th birthday, Harry Pollitt said that she had never allowed her work at the Party Centre to be the excuse for neglecting active work in her local branch. As Pollitt told her: “Indeed, in all the daily work of the Party – attending meetings, selling Party literature and the Daily Worker, collecting signatures for petitions, obtaining finance, and canvassing in the streets both of the East End where you lived until the war, and now in Harrow – in all these manifold activities you have set an example to every member of our Party.”


Beattie was responsible, amongst other things for organising the reporting of Party 

Source: Letter sent by Harry Pollitt on behalf of the Communist Party Executive Committee, World News & Views 11th October 1952

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