Cave Cissie

Cissie Cave


Cissie was a cleaner in the offices of the Guernsey State electricity department during the 1940s. A stalwart collector  for the Daily Worker, she sent a shilling (12 old pence) every week to the Fighting Fund.


When the Germans invaded the Channel Islands in July 1940, Cissie decided to put aside her weekly 1/-, even when she heard the German propaganda crowing about the banning of the Worker during 1940-1.


After five years  – or 260 weeks – collecting, fascism was finally beaten and Cissie was able to send the paper an astonishing £13 on the very day of liberation of the islands – May 8th 1945. Unfortunately, the paper assumed C Cave was a Mr! 


Source: `Spotlight on the Channel Islands’ by Sam Russell, Daily Worker League (1945)

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