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 Sid Fink

Sidney Fink was a Jewish Communist, probably one of three cadres sent by the British Communist Party to an OMS Liaison Service course in Moscow in January 1936. This was the Comintern EC’s special unit, which was devoted to uncover work in assisting clandestine Communist Parties. Persons with British passports were especially valued in this work as it usually guaranteed easy passage through borders. Given the rawness of his full given name and the fact that he does not appear in the rolls of the International Lenin School, it is assumed that `Sidney Fink’ was the real name of a Party member sent for this work.


Intriguingly, Sidney Fink’s wife, Eleanor Singer (see separate entry), was also probably in Moscow when Sidney was, after she attended an international medical conference there.


If Sidney had been a Comintern agent, when war finally came it would have put paid to such needs since a British passport in most of the European continent was a positive hindrance. Presumably, the British Party found a role for Sidney. 


His parents, Joseph and Anne Fink, moved to live in Bare, a quiet and safe suburb of Morecombe, Lancashire, during the Second World War.  Sid and Eleanor lived at 24 Lloyd Square, Islington.  Although a full time organiser for the Communist Party, Sidney became an Air Raid warden. Tragically, he was killed during an enemy bombing raid while on duty at Halford Sq, Finsbury, on 11th May 1941.


The Young Communist League organised a rally at Conway Hall 24th June 1941 to celebrate his life.


Sources include: Challenge 21st June 1941


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