Adams Dorothy

 Dorothy M. Adams

During the 1930s, Dorothy Adams was a teacher at Collegiate Girls Grammar School in Leicester. She joined the Communist Party in 1935, but took a low profile because she was a teacher.  Even so, she visited the Soviet Union in 1936 and in 1939 and was much involved assisting Basque refugees and later refugees from Hungary, Poland and Lithuania.  


She even attended technical school of an evening to learn cobbling so she could teach her sixth form girls how to mend the shoes of the Basque refugees being housed at Evington Hall.


In the late thirties she took in a refugee, a Mr Ungar (a Czech name), who was a Jewish bank manager who had managed to get into Britain with a false passport.


She was active in Leicester Peace Council, the Left Book Club and the Leicester British-Soviet Friendship Committee, during and after World War Two.


 Although it is evident that Miss Adams encountered problems arising from being in the teaching profession and also being a Communist in this period.  


She was still for certain a member of the Party at least into the 1970s.   


Sources: Leicester Oral History Archive 1983;




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