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Oldershaw Tom

Tom Oldershaw A carpenter by trade Oldershaw was a member of the Battersea Number 2 branch of the Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers. He seconded a motion to the local Trades Council to establish an Aid to Spain committee […]

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Olive Paul

Paul Olive   Born into a Jewish Communist family in Chelmsford, Essex, Olive attended King Edward VII grammar school in Chelmsford and read philosophy at Edinburgh University. He was involved with the anti-apartheid movement and […]

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Rodker Joan

Joan Rodker     Joan Rodker was born in London on 1st May 1915, the daughter of the modernist poet, John Rodker, who later published James Joyce and salvaged the complete works of Sigmund Freud […]

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Elsbury Sam

Sam Elsbury   Elsbury is noted in Communist history as being the London organiser of the National Union of Textile and Garment Workers (NUTGW) who led a break-away “red” union for a short while.   […]

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Frazer Jack

Jack Frazer   John Norman Frazer was a Communist electrician, who joined the Communist Party in 1939.   He became the Secretary of the Party’s electrical advisory in the 1940-50s, taking over from Jack Hendy […]

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Pollitt Brian

Brian Pollitt   The son of Harry and Marjorie Pollitt (see separate entries), Brian Pollitt read economics at Cambridge. He was Chair of the University Communist Party branch from 1960-62 and again in 1968-69.  He was […]

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Sahnow Will

Will Sahnow   Born in 1898, Will Sahnow’s first love was the orchestra, his instruments the cello and the French horn. His first musical position was as an amateur conductor of an Orchestra in North London, organised by the […]

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Griffin Arthur

Arthur Griffin   Griffin lived in Rockland Street, Belfast, and was a member of the Revolutionary Workers’ Groups in Ireland in the early 1930s. These were formed to prepare the ground for the launching of […]

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Munby Lionel

Lionel Munby Born in Oxford, Lionel Munby developed an interest in social history and politics in the 1930s. After school in Oxford and Clifton college, Bristol, he entered Hertford College, Oxford, where in 1939 he […]

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Wesker Sarah

Sarah Wesker   Sara Wesker is peripherally famous today as the aunt of playwright Arnold Wesker. A thinly disguised theatrical version of her appears in the play “Chicken soup with barley”. But the reality of […]