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Frank Spark


Born in 1874, Spark was a long-standing and foundation Communist Party member from Mortlake, Richmond, Surrey. He started work at the age of thirteen and became involved in the labour movement aged just fifteen. He initially joined the Social Democratic Federation (SDF), part of which was later the Social Democratic Party, then the British Socialist Party, and then the Communist Party in 1920. 

He was one of only a handful of elected councillors who supported the BSP, being elected as a councillor for Mortlake Council from 1919-1922. This would make him one of the first Communist councillors in the country.

Spark was an active member and office holder in Mortlake branch of the National union of General & Municipal Workers union (now GMB) for many years

Harry Pollitt, the Communist Party’s General Secretary sent a celebratory letter to Spark on the occasion of his 80th birthday, reproduced in World News of 8th May 1954: “Within our Party, your selfish devotion and untiring energy have been a real inspiration to all your comrades. We wish you, and comrade Mrs Spark, many more years of health and happiness in the services of the working class fight for socialism to which you have devoted your life.”

Michael Walker

Source: World News 8th May 1954


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