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O’Hara Roger

Roger O'Hara   The full-time secretary of Merseyside Communist Party from 1970 to 1980, he succeeded Tom Cassin, who held the role for just a year and Gerry Cohen before him, who was the incumbent […]


Bamber Mary

Mary Bamber   Mary 'Ma' Bamber was born Mary Little in Edinburgh in 1874.   Her mother Margaret worked hard as a char lady and in other work to support her family, almost becoming destitute […]

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Kingscott Len

Les Kingscott   The Chairman of a Joint Shop Stewards Committee at a Birmingham motor factory joined the Communist Party in March 1961. As he explained in the Daily Worker, "I joined after many, many […]

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Eggar Dougal

Dougal Eggar   Born Douglas Coplaston (though this is variously rendered in the records)  Eggar on 29 Dec 1900, probably at Eton College like some or all of his four siblings. Their father, William Douglas Eggar MA, the […]


Dare Eddie

Eddie Dare Born Edwin Hornsby Dare on 8th August 1919, he was the eldest of seven siblings. Suffering from polio as a child, Eddie also experienced the tragedy of a brother’s suicide.   Following a Devonshire […]

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Perkins Stella

Stella Perkins   A close comrade of Norman Le Broqc (see separate entry) in the Jersey Communist Party during its heyday year, Stella was one of the Party’s leading activists.   The group picture is of […]

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Tattam Alan

Alan Tattam   Tattam was a long-standing Communist and an active member of the Woodworkers Union (ASW) and later UCATT. A London activists, he was victimised on many jobs for his determined defence of his […]

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Levine Albert

Albert Levine   Of an eastern European background, Levine was born in the East End of London. Having joined the Communist Party, he was active in the defence of Cable Street against Oswald Mosley's fascists. […]

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Skyrme Reuben

Reuben Skyrme   Skyrme was an engineering worker and active member of the Amalgamated Engineering Union in South Wales, in the No. 3 AEU Treforest Estate branch. He was a delegate from his union branch […]

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Thompson Dorothy

Dorothy Thompson   Dorothy Katharine Gane Towers was born on 30th October 1923 in Greenwich, south-east London. Her interest in progressive struggles was first stimulated during her school days in Bromley, Kent, when she was […]